We help clinicians Start, Grow and Scale to 7 Figures

Plus, transition from an associate to a practice owner and buy back time…

Plus, gain freedom of time in 90 days or less…

Plus, attract, retain and bring out the best in your associates…

Plus, learn How to utilize different facilities, providers, staff & marketing budgets that would normally take a ton of money (and time) to acquire


Your Practice
for Maximum Profit


From a Clinician to the 
CEO of Your Clinic 


the Freedom of Time You Crave For with Fully Automated Systems in place


Your Practice
for Maximum Profit


From a Clinician to the CEO of Your Clinic


the Freedom of Time You Crave For with Fully Automated Systems in place
"Whether you're feeling overwhelmed and overworked, or simply need help getting started, I can provide you with the tools and resources you need to succeed, re-ignite your clinical passion, or help you manage your clinic with ease."

- Roheeni Bhana, Founder 


Creating a 7-figure medical practice requires that you grow your firm with high-value clients, build a championship team and streamline your operations. 

You have to go to great lengths to invest in books, training courses and seminars over the years just for the success of your practice. But finding the time to learn new skills and implement the latest growth strategies while also balancing the strenuous demands of your practice isn’t easy.


Trying to do everything by yourself will lead to overwhelm. Most companies who scale to 7 figures and beyond do it by outsourcing.

Done-for-you marketing allows you to leverage the expertise and resources I have used to help clinicians create streamlined processes that allow them to scale and achieve their goals with little to no stress on their part. 

The best part? 

YOU can focus on your clinical passion, while WE figure out the automation strategies for the Business, Marketing and IT pillars or your Practice. This will not only free up your time, but it will allow you to grow in other areas of your business.


For over 7 years, I have helped thousands of clinicians without any technical, marketing or even business experience gain financial and time freedom with proven processes, strategies and tactics that focus on profitability and impact the bottom line.

What we do for you is unlike any other service you've seen before. Explode growth and take over your market.

Here's the truth about bringing in new patients to your practice

Most practices fail because they are inconsistent with their systems and fail to outsource small tasks that end up stealing time and results. We help you avoid that by showing you what works and implement it for you.

Most practices struggle with...

Marketing that does not align with your dream audience

Having an audience means nothing if you are unable to connect with them on a personal level. We will show you what it takes to attract the best patients who come back for more and refer their friends and family.

Standing out from the crowd

Your dream patients don't notice what makes your practice different than the rest. If nothing sets you apart from the rest then you will continue to get mediocre results. What sets you apart?

Aserting authority

If you don't have proper testimonials or the right type of credibility, your audience will avoid you due to distrust and lack of convincing.

Not getting enough leads

If you don't play your cards right, then chances are your page visitors and potential customers are going to your competitors who know what works.

Your solutions do not align with your audiences biggest pain points

Your ideal customer will pay you top dollar if you can help them solve their biggest problems.

clinic growth methodOLOGY...

The patient attraction system is a one-of-a-kind guide for healthcare professionals, clinics and other health professionals who want to grow their practice in 12 months or less using modern online marketing systems. Uncover the best-kept secrets on how you too can achieve success without the headache of wondering what you need to do next by following our proven growth methodology to attract the highest quality and qualified patients to your clinic.



The use of technology automates procedures that reduce staff’s time-consuming and repetitive chores. With smart automation, you'll see a reduction in the number of jobs that are prone to human error.


Draw in new patients while you keep hold of your current ones to expand your practice. Learn what local competitors are doing to gain an advantage. Then imitate and do it better.

Location Expansion

Expand your practice’s location to serve more clients by reaching out to newly identified patient groups for whom geographical convenience is crucial. 


You add more providers (doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, allied health clinicians etc.) to your practice. This will increase the number of patients your clinic can treat, while you keep full ownership of your practice and scale it.  


Join forces with another clinician or group of clinicians to become a brand-new, singular entity which can lead to a multi-disciplinary practice resulting in a holistic health and wellbeing model of your care for your patients which no health app can provide. 

programs designed to help you

GROW & SCALE Your Practice for Maximum Profit

TRANSITION From a Clinician to the CEO of Your Clinic

GAIN the Freedom of Time You Crave For


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How To Finally Start, Grow and Scale your Healthcare Practice. Even if you are struggling to Attract, Convert and Retain Patients

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