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I have spent the last 7 years helping clinicians create streamlined processes that allow them to scale and achieve their goals with little to no stress on their part. I also helped them to take the pain out of implementing a digital strategy that enables efficiency and more workplace positivity.

I am confident when I say, I've helped many clinicians to STEP UP their game.

But I want you to know that I am not a high-flying Clinician. I just found myself surrounded by Allied Clinicians, specifically Osteopathy, due to an Injury and I was fascinated yet alarmed by all the legacy Clinical Systems. It also frustrated me as a Patient not to have access to my health data. This passion led me to build my Health Tech Startup, which went through a hostile takeover and I was fired. Despite it being such a painful experience, I have learned so much from the journey. It made me realize that Technology isn’t the only way I can continue to make a difference to Clinicians and their Patients.

Over time, I discovered the secret steps anyone can follow to build their dream practice. I call it the “Clinic in a Box" the ultimate fast track to starting and scaling your healthcare practice in 90 Days or Less. It gives you a “Strategic Innovative” perspective & saves you YEARS of career fatigue and burnout. This is as real as it gets and it works.

Once you work with me and learn how to grow and manage your Clinic, you will be able to re-ignite your clinical passion without feeling overwhelmed and overworked.

I look forward to working with you.

- Roheeni Bhana, Founder 

How To Finally Start, Grow and Scale your Healthcare Practice. Even if you are struggling to Attract, Convert and Retain Patients

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