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3 Ways Todd Can Help You Upgrade Your Brain

These are specially designed programs to help you regardless if you're just starting out.


Brain Boost Challenge

Five small but ultra-powerful brain upgrades to experience more productivity, less stress, more confidence, greater courage to pursue your goals, and sustained energy. With Todd’s “Rapid Brain Transformation” Methodology, you’ll experience WINS each session leaving you feeling confident that you’re progressing toward success the way you define it. 

DONE-WITH-YOU *Group Program*

Mind Mastery Academy For Rapid Brain Transformation

Join the academy before you buy another supplement, course, or book. The average person who buys supplements spends $96.50/mo and gets nothing out of it. I'm confident you'll SAVE AT LEAST as much money over the next 12 months as your investing in this course. So, hop aboard the Brain're high-speed journey to a better you!

EXCLUSIVE 1:1 Accelerator

Private Mind Mastery Mentorship: 1-on-1

Todd will work with you personally on a weekly zoom call for the first 12 weeks of this one-year 1-on-1 game-changing journey. He’ll develop and mentor you through a customized plan based on your personal goals and dreams. Whether you want to use Todd’s Rapid Brain Transformation Methodology to focus on your professional goals, personal goals, your desire to impact the world, or any other area of your life, Todd’s elite 1-on-1 Mind Mastery Mentorship will propel you toward success the way you define it. You’ll start with a self-assessment in your areas of focus and then retake the assessment at the end of the year to show the measurable impact his elite mentorship program provides.

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