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Glenda's Story

Glenda Kroll is the dynamic empowerment transformational mentor, successful businesswoman, real estate investor, and author. Hailing from Toronto, the mother of two has had her fair share of heartbreak and happiness. Through her trials and tribulations, she has become a voice for others. She draws on her unimaginable experiences and has dedicated herself to helping people worldwide to reinvent themselves by overcoming lack of confidence, self-esteem, divorce, and other setbacks more specifically—teaching people that age or past failures are not an option and transformation is, in fact, possible with perseverance, vision, planning, and by taking action just one step at a time.
Whether it’s Glenda specializing in one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops, panel discussions, or events, she is known for putting people at ease by taking them on their journeys & guiding them to elevate their health, wealth, and self.
As a result, she regularly works with people by helping them identify and achieve their goals ranging from listening to their inner voice to adapting to a positive mindset, establishing financial security, and reclaiming their power, especially when things are falling apart.

Using her remarkable and fascinating journey as inspiration, Glenda is on an exciting mission to empower people to realize their inner power in order for them to rebuild themselves and accomplish all of their desires.
  • Feel the Fear and Do it Anyways - Glenda’s keynote creates a paradigm shift from the mundane. Audiences are challenged to think outside of the box and leap into action to see growth and change. Having the courage to jump into foreign situations is key to overcoming our fears and living fulfilling, meaningful lives beyond finances.
  • Your Biggest Knock Downs can be your Biggest Growth - After detaching from a traumatic experience, Glenda awakened when she finally listened to her inner voice and was taught some very hard lessons along the journey. In this keynote, Glenda teaches others how to build their life by design, using their instincts.
  • A Richer Life Is On The Other Side Of One’s Comfort Zone. This keynote shares abundance principles in various forms. Glenda’s teachings help others to believe, straighten and build themselves, their businesses, or their relationships.
  • Finding Your Passion & Living Your Life in your 40s, 50s, and Beyond - Necessity is the nature of reality. After finding out that the long-term relationship was riddled with lies and deceit, Glenda had to start life all over. Glenda's main assets are persistence & positive attitude. Falling forward in her 50s, she fell into her true passion. Now she helps others, to get up and rebuild.

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